OSA Scholarships


OSA Scholarships are currently inactive for the upcoming semester. Check back later for more information on future application cycles.

Financial aid, including most GW awards, federal grants, merit scholarships, and loans, can be utilized during study abroad. Each semester GW students receive scholarships from the Office for Study Abroad (OSA), GW's affiliated program providers, and outside sources to supplement their aid packages. In a typical semester, GW study abroad students in total received over $200,000 in scholarships outside of their regular financial aid packages. 

The GW Office for Study Abroad offers several scholarships to help students make their study abroad experience a reality, the eligibility for which varies by scholarship program. Review our full list of offerings below: 

There are additional scholarships available for students who have applied to the Focus on Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC) and who study on select programs.


All GW undergraduate students who are applying to study abroad are eligible to apply for OSA scholarships. You do not need to be accepted yet into a study abroad program in order to apply. Specific eligibility requirements are listed on the application page for each scholarship in GW Passport. Students may apply for all scholarships they are eligible for, but will only receive one (except for the Gilman Supplemental Scholarship - students may receive this and one other).

Important Dates and Deadlines

Students apply for scholarships the semester before they go abroad - the same time you apply to study abroad.

For students planning to study abroad during the fall semester, apply during the spring semester. Scholarship applications are open on GW Passport from March 15th until April 15th

For students planning to study abroad during the spring semester, scholarship applications are open on GW Passport from October 15th until November 15th.

Scholarships are awarded on a semesterly basis. Students who are studying abroad for the academic year must apply for a GW scholarship for each semester they are abroad.  If you are awarded a scholarship in the fall semester it does not automatically transfer to the spring, you will need to reapply for the scholarship in the spring semester.

GW student Begum Akkas


Begum Akkas

GW England - London School of Economics
Academic Year 2019

"I studied abroad at the London School of Economics for the full academic year. I spent the year prior working at the Career Center and at STEM works, which were both FWS positions. Going abroad for an entire year was going to be financially challenging, but receiving the Supplemental Scholarship from GW really helped me finance my time abroad. Being in a new country for an entire year was truly an amazing experience and I grew as a person because of it every day. I also had the opportunity to take some challenging coursework that has really deepened my knowledge of economics and international affairs."