Health & Safety

The health and safety of our GW students studying abroad are our top priority. The Office for Study Abroad works closely with our GW parent office, the Office of International Programs, as well as our campus and third-party partners to monitor global conditions, mitigate risk, plan for emergencies, and support the health, safety, and security of GW students abroad.

While no one can guarantee a student’s health and safety or eliminate all risks from an overseas experience, the Office for Study Abroad has developed policies and procedures that align with current best practices in the study abroad field. Throughout the advising, preparation, and participation stages, the Office for Study Abroad and our partners provide students with tools, resources, and trainings that will help students become aware of potential concerns, develop risk mitigation strategies, and maintain an active and informed role in their own health and safety management while abroad.




Details on international insurance for GW students studying abroad and how it differs from GW's Student Health Insurance Policy (SHIP) and Travel Insurance.



Choosing a Destination

Considerations beyond academics when choosing a destination and determining the right fit for study abroad.



Identity Considerations

Information and resources to help students navigate the intersectionality of identity while abroad.



Pre-Travel Preparedness

Recommendations for health & safety travel preparation from GW’s Office for Study Abroad and other reputable sources.



While Abroad

Recommended health and safety tips for all students going abroad and a look into how to adjust to cultural differences and culture shock.




Steps for responding to an emergency while abroad and on-campus and third parties resources that can help.