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Direct enroll programs are a mix between an exchange program and a provider program, and offer the best of both worlds. Like an exchange, students have the unparalleled academic opportunity to fully immerse in a local university while abroad, however, like a provider program, the university has created a specific program for international students that offers more programming, support, and often special classes unique for study abroad students. 

While these programs are often geared towards students coming from U.S. and other international universities, you will still be immersed in the local university culture and have access to university classes and amenities, such as clubs and organizations, library services, and more. Students will also have the option to either live on campus, if available, or live independently in their host city. Housing will be arranged by and paid directly to the host university or external housing provider. 

Outside of the classroom, there will be opportunities to take part in a greater level of programming, events and cultural activities organized by the international offices of the host university to help students gain a greater awareness and cultural understanding of their host city. Just like exchanges, though, you will have the opportunity to potentially meet students from your host university who are studying at GW prior to departure! This program type is truly the best of both worlds. 

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Program Options

"Semester in Amsterdam" is the free mover study abroad program for students to attend Vrije Universiteit and receive a bit more additional support and programming than they would on Exchange. 

Through Semester in Amsterdam, you can choose to follow a cohesive minor programme or create your own schedule of courses from the 1,100+ English-taught courses VU offers in eight different faculties. VU also offers a full schedule of social activities throughout the semester as well as on-site advising and support. All activities are free for Semester in Amsterdam students.

This social program could include but is not limited to cultural activities such as visits to the Anne Frank House or Mezrab House of Stories, group dinners and outings, as well as an excursion outside of Amsterdam (which is typically offered at an additional cost, but a portion is covered by VU).

Accademia Italiana is an international institute of art, fashion and design welcoming students from all over the world and from every region in Italy. It is among the most highly qualified European institutes in the field of design, fashion, art, and professional training at the university level, providing students with unparalleled professional opportunities to advance in the fields of art and design.

Accademia Italiana’s study abroad programs offer U.S. university students the unique opportunity to share their academic experience with Italian and other international students who regularly attend the Accademia Italiana, where nearly 50% of the student body is Italian and the other 50% is international.

A well-rounded study abroad experience in Italy is not limited to academics. Students should also have the opportunity to explore their host country, to gain a better understanding of its culture and history. Accademia Italiana offers special trips and excursions to encourage our study abroad students to enjoy Italy’s justifiably famous artistic monuments and historic towns.

AI offers two overnight and two day trips in the fall and spring semester study abroad programs at no additional cost to students.

Accademia Italiana organizes the transportation, hotel accommodation and guides for these trips, which take students to both world-renowned destinations such as Pompeii, Rome and Venice and to lesser known towns in the Chianti region.

Courses for study abroad students are held in English, with the exception of some laboratory-based design classes which are taught in both Italian and English. Students do not need to know Italian to study at Accademia Italiana.

Charles University was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in Central Europe. Located in the historic city of Prague, Charles University enrolls more than 42,000 students in 270 academic disciplines.

GW students on the "Semester in Prague" program enroll in the East and Central European Studies (ECES) program offered through Charles University's Faculty of the Arts. ECES is an interdisciplinary program designed specifically for international undergraduate students, with courses taught in English. This program is particularly well-suited for students with an interest in East and Central Europe, Czech studies, history and culture.

ECES helps you feel like a local with their trips and activities as well. Learn more about the Charles student experience