Money matters! The Office for Study Abroad is here to help!

At the Office for Study Abroad, we are committed to making study abroad a financially accessible experience for all interested students at GW. We believe study abroad is an opportunity that should be as affordable as possible and within reach to all students. As such, our funding policies are set up so that a study abroad semester is comparably priced to an on-campus semester, with financial aid and scholarships still applicable.  Our advisors are also well equipped to help students find a variety of funding opportunities, and there are a number of resources in this section that will provide more information on costs, budgeting, scholarships and financial aid. 




Costs & Tier Fees

View a breakdown of the costs included when studying abroad and find the fees for each program tier.




OSA Scholarships

Study abroad scholarships offered by GW's Office for Study Abroad.



External Scholarships

Study abroad scholarships from outside GW that are available to GW Study Abroad students.




Tips and recommendations when budgeting for study abroad.