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Faculty Feedback

“Doing a summer abroad program is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.  It requires a lot of coordination, planning and time; however, when I read my students final papers, detailing what they have learned as students and humans, I can actually say, ‘they got it!’”

 –Heidi Bardot, Professor of Art Therapy in Chennai, India

Information for Faculty

Short Term Abroad Programs

Short-Term Abroad Programs present a fantastic way to enhance the academic experience for both students and faculty.  While traveling abroad together, groups can find new layers of knowledge and culture that they can then bring back and share with the GW community.  Some topics may seem like natural fit for a study abroad course, such as studying Shakespeare in London or examining the history of WWII in Germany.  However, the Office for Study Abroad encourages faculty from across all disciplines to consider how to bring an international component to their courses.  Past GW Short-Term Abroad Programs have included Art Therapy in India, Music in Brazil, Education Policy in Turkey, Urban Sustainability in Panama, Health Management in Israel, and many more programs around the world. 

For faculty members interested in creating courses with an overseas component for undergraduate or graduate students, the Office for Study Abroad provides administrative support, guidance, and funding. 

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