Guidelines and Instructions for Students

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Financial Aid

Financial aid, including most GW awards, federal grants, merit scholarships, and loans, can be utilized during study abroad. The major exception to this rule is aid received through Federal Work Study. 

If you receive other types of funding, including external scholarships or awards that require any on-campus activity, we urge you to contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for more information regarding how these funds may apply to your study abroad costs.

If you are an international student who receives aid from a foreign entity, contact the International Services Office to determine how your aid status may be affected.

You are urged to meet with a study abroad advisor to check your eligibility for GW and other scholarships available for study abroad.

Program Deposits 

Once you are admitted to a study abroad program, you will likely need to confirm your participation with a deposit, which usually ranges from $300 to $500. If your program requires an enrollment deposit or confirmation fee, you must pay this fee directly to the program provider at the instructed time. Once you are confirmed for study abroad, your bill will be paid by GW and the amount of program deposit will be credited to your GW account. Students will only be reimbursed the deposit for the program they attend. 

Additional Costs

You are responsible for any costs billed by the program that are not included in the program fee, such as costs associated with optional activities, premium services and features, and security or damage deposits. You are required to pay these charges directly to the program provider. Other costs you incur may include medical consultations and vaccinations, round-trip airfare and all personal expenses, as well as any penalties for voluntary or involuntary changes to your airline tickets. 

Payment Plan

The Monthly Payment Plan offered through the Student Accounts Office can be used to pay for study abroad, just as it pays for a semester on-campus.  You can enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan via the Student Accounts eBill.  More information about the Montly Payment Plan and how to enroll can be found on the Student Accounts Office website. We encourage you to meet with an advisor in the Office for Study Abroad for help calculating costs of your study abroad experience. 

Power of Attorney

Many students planning to study abroad select a person to serve as power of attorney to manage their financial affairs while they are out of the country.  The George Washington University Office for Study Abroad recommends that all students receiving financial assistance arrange for a power of attorney.


Any funds leftover after your GW bill is paid in full can be refunded upon request. You must follow Colonial Central's process to submit a refund request. Please note that refunds cannot be processed until after the first day of classes at GW, even if the study abroad program begins before the comparable semester at GW.