Everything You Need to Know About Transfer Credit (2)

Note: This event is only open to students with active Spring 2023 applications and is a requirement for current applicants and is not intended as an info session for those who are not intending to study abroad in the upcoming Spring semester. 

As a study abroad participant, all students are required to utilize the GW Course Approval Transfer System (CATS) in order to have their credits from abroad transfer back to GW. As such, an in-depth understanding of this system and the transfer credit process overall is vital for a successful study abroad experience. 

All applicants are required to attend one of the Office for Study Abroad's "Everything You Need to Know About Transfer Credit" sessions offered during the application cycle. Please note: Your application to study abroad will still be considered even If you are only able to attend a session that takes place after the deadline of your program application. Nevertheless, this is still a requirement in order to go abroad.  

First and foremost, study abroad is an academic experience! You'll want to be preparing for that academic component early and making sure you know how the courses will transfer back to GW!

With early planning, you can ensure a seamless experience and continuation of your GW degree. Join us for this in depth session on everything you need to know about the transfer credit process to make your time abroad fit perfectly into your degree plan! We'll be going over how to search for classes on your program, how to submit courses for approval in GW CATs or search for pre-approved courses, and what common missteps to be aware of and avoid in the process.

After attending and checking into the event, this requirement will be marked off by a representative of our office within 2-4 business days. Advanced registration is not required.