University of Sussex

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Founded in 1961, University of Sussex is an exciting and young British university with an international reputation for innovative and effective styles of teaching. A self-contained campus in a parkland setting, the University of Sussex sits on the edge of the lively seaside resort of Brighton, just over an hour from central London. With its 11,000 students, modern campus facilities, and an outstanding research profile, Sussex attracts scholars from all over the world. Visiting students at Sussex are immediately welcomed into a warm and friendly atmosphere that encourages interaction between professors and students. 

Students joining Sussex in the fall semester attend a welcome and information program before the semester starts. This program is integrated into Freshers' ("freshmen") Week, during which new undergraduate students are welcomed to the University of Sussex. A shorter orientation program is offered to students attending Sussex at the start of the spring term. Sussex also has an International and Study Abroad Office that provides assistance for overseas students and organizes social events and excursions to places around Britain.