Summer Short-Term Programs

Summer 2019

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Amsterdam City As Work of Art
UW 2020W & HIST 3101W - The Netherlands - Professor Phillip Troutman


Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Comparison of the United States and the Netherlands
HLWL 1101 & PUBH 3199 - The Netherlands - Professor Sarah Axelson - CANCELLED


Barcelona: Modern and Contemporary Architecture
IA 4560/IA 6560 - Spain - Scott Jones 


Barcelona: Sustainability and Human Well-Being
IA 4560/IA 6560 - Spain - Erin Speck


Athletes as Change Agents: Exploring through Legacies, Landscapes, and Cultures of Cuba
SOC 2183 - Cuba - Arayael Brandner - CANCELLED


The Art of Living: Ancient Greece and the Origins of Western Thought
PHIL 2111W & HONR 2054W - Greece - Professor Mark Ralkowski


Israel: Cyber Power and National Security
IAFF 6186 - Israel - Professor Rhea Siers 


Transatlantic Perspectives on Security in Northern Europe
 IAFF 6118 - Estonia, Finland, Sweden - Professor Christopher Kojm - CANCELLED


Paris Modernism and the Arts Then and Now
TRDA 4595W - France - Professor Mary Buckley


The Business of Russian Media
CCAS 2190 - Russia - Professor Richard Robin - CANCELLED


Sarajevo: Cultures and Diversity in Peace and Conflict
IAFF 6171 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Professor Tobias Greiff - CANCELLED


The Expressive Arts in South Africa: Art, Music, Drama, and Dance
ARTH 6295 - South Africa - Professor Tally Tripp


The George Washington School of Business also offers graduate level courses abroad.  Please click HERE for additional information.

The Graduate School of Political Management also offers graduate level courses abroad.  Please click HERE for additional information.

The GW Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology offers a summer program in Kenya at the Koobi Fora Field School. Please click HERE for additional information.

The GW Law School offers a summer program at the University of Oxford. Please click HERE for additional information.