Student Life

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The GW Paris programs offer:

  • A dedicated, on-site GW resident director
  • Full and partially immersive programs  
  • Exciting program excursions and cultural activities throughout the semester
  • An on-site welcome orientation that covers health and safety and an introduction to Paris


GW students are encouraged to fully integrate into university life at Sciences Po.  With more than sixty associations and thirty sports clubs to choose from, there is something to satisfy every interest. The International Affairs Division at Sciences Po also offers a Buddy Program to help GW students meet their French counterparts and practice speaking French.  

Giverny Spring 2013

Outside of their academic programs, GW Paris Program participants enjoy varied cultural events, and activities, such as a cruise on the Seine, a ballet at one of the two Paris operas, or a visit of the Loire valley castles. Each semester, students also embark on day-long or overnight excursions to Normandy and Mont Saint-Michel. 

A weekend excursion to Normandy helps students better understand the shared history between France and the United States. Students learn about important events of World War II during a visit to the Memorial Center for History and Peace in Caen and while exploring bunkers and other coastal fortifications at Longues-sur-Mer and the D-Day beach of Omaha. During a visit to the 172-acre American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, students can survey and better comprehend the scope of World War II in this physical marker honoring the nearly 10,000 American soldiers who lost their lives in Europe during the war. The weekend ends with a guided tour of Mont Saint-Michel, a tidal island, where students are lodged overnight at an 11th century monastery.

The Palace of Versailles, located southwest of Paris, is a royal castle dating back to the 17th century. One of the most famous and beautiful castles in Europe, it is also a symbol of the absolute monarchy ruled before the Revolution of 1789. Many movies have been shot at the palace, including Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette. Students participate in a guided tour of the castle and the gardens of Louis XIV.

Giverny, a small town northwest of Paris, gave inspiration to impressionist painter Claude Monet, who lived there during the second half of his life. Students participate in a guided tour of Monet’s house and beautiful surrounding gardens, famous for their water lilies and depicted in the artist’s well-known work.

Jianyi Nie

The Experience at Sciences Po

"Sciences Po provides a serious and comprehensive opportunity to study from a different perspective. The interaction with one of the brightest groups of French students could be of great value to a future professional network. There are also almost 2,000 exchange students from all over the world, offering a diverse international student community that is a great source for global friendship, cultural exchange, and the gaining of invaluable perspectives.”

-Jianyi Nie, Academic Year 2012-2013