St. Anne's College, University of Oxford

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St. Anne's College

Co-ed since 1979, St. Anne's College originally opened in 1879 to provide an education to women who could not afford one otherwise. Today, St. Anne's stands out as a modern, down-to-earth, and academically ambitious institution, where students fully engage in the intellectually challenging and hugely rewarding Oxford tutorial system. With a student body of some 400 undergraduate and 30 visiting students, the college provides a welcoming, relaxed, supportive, and friendly atmosphere and easy access to the town and resources of Oxford.  

As the oldest university in the English speaking world, Oxford lays claim to nine centuries of continuous existence. More than 130 nationalities are represented among its student population of 18,000. 

Following Oxford tradition, students at St. Anne's participate in myriad clubs, societies and sports activities that are an essential part of the larger Oxford community. All undergraduates belong to the St. Anne's College Junior Common Room, which organizes many social events.  Students also have access to the Oxford Union, a world-famous debating society that attracts influential speakers from around the world - including prime ministers, presidents, musicians, and journalists - to engage in conversation on pressing issues.