Short-Term Programs


GW students on the International Art Therapy short term abroad program in India.


GW offers students the opportunity to enroll in exceptional Short-Term Abroad Programs during the fall, winter, spring and summer. A Short-Term Abroad Program is a GW course with a faculty-led overseas component, typically ranging from 1-6 weeks. These courses combine classroom study with real-world experiences, allowing students to gain international insight on their field of study.

On past Short-Term Abroad Programs, students have studied sustainable development in Panama, examined economics in Shanghai, explored the arts in Paris, and investigated higher education in South Africa. GW Short-Term Abroad Programs travel to diverse locations for a wide variety of academic subjects.

Course Offerings

Take a Class Abroad with GW Faculty!

GW students on the Greece: Athens, the Peloponnese, and Santorini short-term abroad program.


GW offers exceptional short-term abroad programs led by GW faculty in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. 

The Office for Study Abroad oversees a select number of short-term abroad programs and works with students interested in applying. Please see the Office for Study Abroad Sponsored Programs section for courses offered.

Additional short-term programs may be offered by the academic schools at GW. Please see Academic School Sponsored Programs below for more information and staff contacts.

Office for Study Abroad Sponsored Programs


Our office is currently not offering OSA-sponsored STAPs for the Fall 2020 semester. Check back later for more information on future application cycles.

The Office for Study Abroad oversees the following faculty-led short-term abroad programs:

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Please contact [email protected] or 202-994-1649 for more information.

Academic School Sponsored Programs

These academic schools at GW also offer short-term abroad programs. 

Information for Students

In order to be eligible to apply, students must:

  1. Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher

  2. Be in good judicial and academic integrity standing at the time of application and remain in good standing prior to departure

  3. Meet course prerequisites (if applicable)

  4. Meet all other requirements of the program as specified by the Faculty Director

Students are not eligible to participate in an Office for Study Abroad short-term abroad program if it overlaps with another short-term abroad program at GW that the student will be attending.

Non-GW Students

Non-GW students are eligible to apply for some programs and will be enrolled as a GW student during the semester they participate in the Short-Term Abroad Programs. Students from the Washington, DC Consortium Schools and GW Alumni are eligible to participate in Short-Term Abroad Programs. However, alumni & students from consortium area schools must pay the full program fee, including tuition. Students must register through the Office for Study Abroad and not through the consortium.

All Short-Term Abroad Program applications require a personal statement and a university transcript. Some programs may require other application materials, e.g. interview with the Faculty Director, CV/resume, or other information. Applicants will use GW Passport to apply.

All students participating in a Short-Term Abroad Program must complete an Office for Study Abroad pre-departure health and safety orientation before the overseas start date.

Non-participants accompanying students, faculty, or staff of GW Study Abroad Programs are not eligible to attend class sessions or other program-related activities during the study abroad program. Class meetings, site visits, field trips, dinners, receptions, program-provided transportation, and all other program-related events are open only to students registered for the course, program faculty, and staff.  Alumni and auditors may join the course only as full fee-paying students. Please be aware that the university will not provide any support services or assume any responsibility for accompanying non-participants.

For Short-Term Abroad Programs, students will pay tuition and a program fee, which typically includes insurance, lodging, and may include cultural activities or some meals. Students will also incur out-of-pocket expenses that typically include airfare, some meals, and other personal expenses. Refer to each individual course website to determine the costs of participation. Payment is due in accordance with the GW Student Accounts schedule

Please note, students will be asked to submit a non-refundable $500 Program Deposit by the program's Commitment Deadline. This deposit will be credited back to the student via the GW Student Account if the student does participate in the program.  

Students who are GW employees are eligible to participate in Short-Term Abroad Programs, and their tuition benefits are handled accordingly through Student Accounts. However, GW employees must pay full program fees for costs not associated with tuition. GW employees are responsible for contacting the GW Benefit Services office to determine their eligibility for tuition benefits.

Students who withdraw will be subject to the withdrawal and refund policy:

 *The Withdrawal & Refund Policy relates only to expenses billed to students by the university for participation in the study away program. The university does not in any instance reimburse for non-billable/out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Withdrawal prior to Commitment Deadline:  Nothing is owed—student receives full refund, including his or her $500 Program Deposit if previously paid.

  • Withdrawal 30 days or more prior to program start date:  Student forfeits the $500 non-refundable Program Deposit and remains responsible for paying the unrecoverable program costs.

  • Withdrawal 29 days or less prior to program start date:  Student forfeits the $500 non-refundable Program Deposit and remains responsible for paying the full cost of the program.

If a student must withdraw from the program, s/he must notify the Faculty Director and the Office for Study Abroad.  A student cannot withdraw from the program after it has begun.

Short-Term Abroad Program participants will be enrolled in insurance plans by the Office for Study Abroad for the duration of their GW program abroad. These plans, which are provided by GW’s partner GeoBlue, should be viewed as two complementary forms of insurance: 1) medical insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, and/or illnesses abroad; and 2) travel assistance coverage for emergency evacuation or repatriation services.

GeoBlue Worldwide Health Insurance

GeoBlue provides health insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, illnesses, and/or pre-existing conditions for GW students who are going abroad on GW business. While this coverage extends to any country outside of the United States, students participating in a GW Short-Term Abroad Program should be aware that in certain circumstances they may not be eligible for GeoBlue coverage, such as if they are traveling to study in their home country of citizenship.

Students participating in a Short-Term Abroad Program will be enrolled in GeoBlue coverage by the GW Office for Study Abroad. Once enrolled, students will receive an email from GeoBlue asking them to register on GeoBlue's website. This website will be a resource for:

  1. Printing out membership cards (which should be carried at all times while abroad);
  2. Searching for international doctors or hospitals;
  3. Viewing destination-specific health information; and
  4. Accessing instructions for various processes, including how to submit a claim for reimbursement.

Please note that, while there is a reimbursement process, many doctors and hospitals in GeoBlue's international network have direct billing arrangements with GeoBlue, meaning students are unlikely to have to pay out-of-pocket costs for treatment received from GeoBlue-affiliated healthcare providers abroad.

GeoBlue Worldwide Travel Assistance and Evacuation Services

In addition to international health insurance, GeoBlue provides medical and security assistance and advice for all students. Using their international network of resources, GeoBlue can assist students who may need help in an emergency situation abroad, whether they are in need of travel advice, medical evacuation, political or natural disaster evacuation, or repatriation services.

Please be sure to print out the GW/GeoBlue Emergency Contact Card (PDF), also available through your GW Passport application, and carry it with you at all times while abroad. This card will help you get into contact with GW or GeoBlue if needed. If in doubt, or in need of any kind of advice or assistance while abroad, don’t hesitate to contact GeoBlue.

The university reserves the right to cancel programs without notice. If cancellation occurs, all applicants will be notified immediately and will receive a full refund of any program deposit and all tuition and fees charged by the university. The university is not responsible for the cost of airline tickets and other travel expenses purchased directly by students, and will not reimburse for such expenses in the event a program is canceled. Students are advised to purchase refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance covering all travel expenses not billed through the university, as they accept the risk associated with these items themselves.