Reverse Culture Shock

Students often remark that after returning home from their time abroad, they feel removed from family and friends who have not had similar experiences. Students can probably expect to go through the initial state of euphoria and excitement as they are overwhelmed by the sheer joy of being back home.  But as they try and settle back into their former routine, they often soon recognize that while they were abroad on exchange they developed new ideas and opinions. These differences provide students with a new view of their own culture. Students should expect a period of disorientation as they  adjust to the “new” environment at home.

This adjustment period, however, is usually rather short-lived. Keep in mind that the amount of change that exchange students undergo during their time on exchange will plays a role in how  students adjust back to their own culture. It is often helpful for readjustment if students reflect on their experiences and the changes that they have experienced while abroad.