Pre-Departure Orientation

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Pre-Departure Orientation Conference Schedule

The Office for Study Abroad  (OSA) facilitates a series of pre-departure events throughout the semester to prepare students for their study abroad experience. The OSA believes that proper planning and expectation setting are needed for a sucessful semester abroad. The OSA is committed to helping GW students make meaningful academic connections abroad through a series of events. These events provide a framework to help students understand the diverse cultures and communities they will be entering while also addressing logistical concerns needed to ensure a smooth transition abroad.  The OSA organizes our pre-departure events in three groups:

1.  Online International Logistics Information & Quiz:
  • The Online International Logistics Information is embedded within a student's GW Passport application. The online information is a series of three self-paced video lectures. In these lectures students learn about the transfer credit process, health and safety abroad and important financial information. Students are required to take a short quiz after they watch the video lecture series.
2.   Short Workshop Style Presentations:
  • With the help of alumni and campus partner feedback, our office offers workshops on a weekly basis throughout the semester to help students create action plans around key challenges faced while abroad.  Please review the OSA Calendar or your Pre-Departure Materials within GW Passport to see our schedule presentations. This semester the OSA is offering presentations on the areas below:
    • Identity Without Borders: Explore and discuss how your identity can be strengthened and challenged abroad

    • Professional Development: Gain insight into how your abroad experience can translate to academic and career success

    • Diving In: Tools for Cultural Engagement: Understand how and gain tools to effectively cope with cultural adjustment

    • Budgeting: Learn about the finances for studying abroad and tips for budgeting during your time abroad

3. Study Abroad Send-Off Celebration & Alumni Regional Discussion: 
  • The OSA believes that making the decision to study abroad should be a celebrated one. Our office hosts a send-off celebration at the end of the semester that brings together our internationally-minded GW community with study abroad alumni. During our day of celebration, students have the opportunity to meet with study abroad alumni who studied in their region. Our office encourages all students to come celebrate your upcoming semester abroad while networking with study abroad alumni. Please review your GW Passport information for event details and RSVP information.