Pre-Departure Orientation

PDO Graphic

Pre-Departure Oreintation Schedule 

The Office for Study Abroad  (OSA) facilitates a Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) to prepare students for their study abroad experience. The OSA believes that proper planning and expectation setting are needed for a successful semester abroad.  Pre-Departure Orientation provides a framework to help students understand the diverse cultures and communities they will be entering while also addressing logistical concerns needed to ensure a smooth transition abroad.  The OSA organizes our pre-departure events into two categories :
1.  Online International Logistics Information & Quiz:
The Online International Logistics Information & Quiz is embedded within a student's GW Passport application. The online information is a series of three self-paced video lectures. In these lectures students learn about the transfer credit process, health and safety abroad and important financial information. Students are required to take a short quiz after they watch the video lecture series.
2.   Pre-Departure Orientation
With the help of alumni and campus partner feedback, our office offers workshops during our Pre-Departure Orientation. These workshops help students create action plans around key challenges faced while abroad. The OSA Pre-Departure Oreintation will be on Saturday, April 21st  in Funger Hall. This semester the Office for Study Abroad  is offering presentations on the areas below:
Identity Without Borders: Explore and discuss how your identity can be strengthened and challenged abroad
Professional Development: Gain insight into how your abroad experience can translate to academic and career success
Diving In: Tools for Cultural Engagement: Understand how and gain tools to effectively cope with cultural adjustment