Pre-Approved Course List

The Pre-Approved Course List contains a list of study abroad courses that are pre-approved as equivalent courses at GW. If you take a course on this list, you do NOT need to go to the department and ask them to sign a Course Approval Form for you. You should still submit a Course Approval Form for these courses, write "yes" in the automatic approval column, and leave the faculty signature column blank. Once you submit Course Approval Forms for any additional courses taken abroad, your credits will be transferred to your GW transcript. For more information on the transfer credit process, please visit our Transferring Credit page. 

The Pre-Approved Course List can be found on the GW Course Approval Transfer System. Students gain access to the system as part of the study abroad process.

Pre-approvals exist for the following departments:

  • Business Administration
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • History
  • International Business
  • Political Science
  • Public Health

If you are taking a course not listed on the list or want to petition that your course transfer differently than the pre-approved GW course number, please bring a syllabus, coursework and a course approval form to the appropriate department.

Courses on the pre-approved list undergo periodic reviews and are therefore subject to change depending on the semester

If a course has been approved for more than one course number, you can choose which one fits better into your academic plan. For those courses listed in red, you must contact the department to arrange a language placement exam.