Eligibility Requirements for Non-GW Summer Programs

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to study abroad on a non-GW Summer program:

  • Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have a minimum of 24 credit hours at GW
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing

Non-GW Winter Abroad

GW students also have the opportunity to study abroad during the winter holidays on non-GW programs. Eligibility reuqirements and transfer credit processes are the same for Non-GW Winter abroad as they are Non-GW Summer abroad. When selecting a Non-GW Winter program, note that your program must be accredited and be able to issue a transcript in order to transfer credit back to GW. Students will need to apply directly to the program provider and complete a Non-GW Winter application.

Non-GW Summer Abroad

Morocco Mosque

In addition to the GW Short-Term Abroad programs offered in the summer, GW allows undergraduate students to choose to study abroad in the summer on other programs. Unlike study abroad during the academic year, GW does not keep a list of approved study abroad programs for the summer term. Rather, students may choose to study abroad on any accredited program. If you are a graduate student looking to study abroad in the summer on a non-GW program, please contact your school or department for instructions and further guidelines.

Program Options 
GW Exchange Summer Programs (Tuition-Exempt)

Several of GW's exchange partners offer summer abroad opportunities, providing GW students with inexpensive options to attend summer classes abroad, while earning academic credit. Students participating on one of these programs are exempt from paying tuition costs and are only billed by the host institution for a program fee, which includes housing. Final admission decisions rest with the individual partner institutions. Students will need to complete an application for the individual program to which they would like to apply; students can find this application through the individual links below.

GW Exchange Summer Programs 

Many of GW's exchange partners offer international summer sessions, which allow students to attend summer classes abroad while earning academic credit. Students will apply directly to the university for admission and be charged by the host university for tuition and room/board fees. Students will also need to complete a Non-GW Summer application for these programs. 

Affiliated Provider Summer Programs

Many of the program providers GW approves for semester and academic year study also offer summer programs, which you can access via the links below. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of summer programs; you may choose to attend a program run by another study abroad program provider or another university. Be sure the program/university is accredited and will be able to issue a transcript in order to transfer credit from your summer abroad to GW. Students will need to complete a Non-GW Summer application for these programs.

Non-GW Summer Options

GW Exchange Summer Programs (Tuition Exempt)

GW Exchange Summer Programs

Affiliated Provider Summer Programs

AMIDEAST (Multiple)
Arcadia University (Multiple)
Bard (Multiple)
CELL (Multiple)
CET (Multiple)
CIEE (Multiple)
DIS (Denmark)
ICDS (Costa Rica)
IES Abroad (Multiple)
IFSA-Butler (Multiple)
OTS (Multiple)
Sea Semester (Multiple)
SIT (Multiple)
SRAS (Multiple)
SU Abroad (Multiple)

Other Available Programs

GW undergraduate students are also able to attend any accredited program during the summer. Students should ensure that the program is able to issue a transcript in order to facilitate the transfer credit process. 

Students Studying in their Home Country

International students wishing to either take courses in their home country during the summer or a semester must register their interest with the Office for Study Abroad and complete a registration process before they go abroad.

Financial Information for non-GW Summer Programs

Students studying abroad on non-GW summer programs will pay the program provider directly for all costs associated with participation. Students may contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to inquire about financial aid available for summer programs once they have chosen a program and have an estimate of cost for the summer term. Students who are receiving financial assistance through GW will need to contact their study abroad advisor to arrange for GW registration.