Mental Health

If you currently receive counseling, it is strongly recommended that you disclose this information to your GW study abroad advisor and/or program provider.  These individuals can provide guidance on how to continue counseling sessions from overseas with your current counselor or put you in touch with a counselor on-site.

While abroad, it is not uncommon to experience culture shock or homesickness.  To help you navigate and cope with these feelings, visit the Cultural Adjustments section of the study abroad website. Additionally, learn as much as you can about the country you’ll visit to bring your expectations more in line with the reality of that country.  Establishing a routine once you’re abroad and keeping in touch regularly with friends and family can help minimize homesickness.

Returning home from a study abroad experience can result in what is known as reverse culture shock.  In addition to anticipating what it will be like to go abroad, you should also mentally prepare yourself by envisioning what it will be like to come home when the semester ends.  Do not leave photos of your everyday life to be taken during your last few hours overseas.  Catch up on local issues prior to your departure to speed up your adjustment to life at home. Visit the Reentry section of our website for tips on how to adjust to the return home.