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The London School of Economics and Political Science is an ideal choice for students wishing to study social, political or economic sciences at one of the world's most international universities in the heart of London.  Because LSE believes in offering visiting students a comprehensive and fully integrated experience, the school accepts students for a year-long program only.

Founded in 1895, LSE attracts students from all over the world. About half of its 3,800 undergraduate students come from outside the UK. LSE aims to be a laboratory of the social sciences, where ideas are developed, analyzed, evaluated, and disseminated around the globe. Each year, LSE invites politicians, business leaders, industrialists, and leading academics from of all nationalities to lecture and teach.  Counting some 30 past and present heads of state among its alumni, LSE is a stimulating meeting place for future government, financial, and business leaders to exchange ideas about social, economic and political concerns from both the academic and real world perspective. 

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Students arrive at LSE before the start of the fall term in order to participate in induction activities. This introduction includes activities organized for all undergraduate students by the school and individual departments, as well as special activities tailored for study abroad students. 

For support throughout the year, students are assigned a personal tutor from the faculty staff in their host department. The tutor meets with students at least twice a term to discuss academic work and other matters. Students may call upon their tutor at other times during the year as needed for academic guidance. A Student Mentoring Program is also in place to provide visiting students with a peer mentor from their academic department.

Students studying at LSE become members the school’s active Student Union, which supports the interests, welfare and social life of the student membership. The Student Union maintains bars, commercial services, an athletics union, a media Group, societies, and an advice center.  

LSE students also have access to all the services of the University of London Union. 



LSE Ranked Second Best in World

LSE IDEAS and Public Policy Group ranked 2nd best university think tank in the world.