GW Chile

All program students live with a Chilean host family throughout their stay in Santiago. Daily interactions with host families are the best way to improve Spanish skills and learn about Chilean culture and local customs.

For many students, the homestay becomes the most enriching part of their time abroad, providing them with a strong support network. The host family can help answer student’s questions and ease the adjustment to life in Santiago. Students in the past have gone on trips with their host siblings, attended relatives' weddings, and spent weekends with their families at the beach. Many students remain in contact with their families long after leaving Chile.

GW Chile HomestayThere are different types of host families.  Some are married couples with young children, while others are single women with university-age children or no children at all.  They all represent the reality of contemporary Chile and welcome students into their homes with their warm, Chilean parenting style. Host homes are located in the upper-middle class neighborhoods of Providencia, Las Condes, Ñuñoa and La Reina, with good access to public transportation for the commute to school.  All students have a private bedroom, internet access, laundry service and all meals included.     

Students in their second semester abroad may choose to organize their housing independently.

The housing fee is the Tier 4 Program Fee.

"The kinds of people who open up their homes to study abroad students are generally very curious to hear about your opinions and perspective and love to share their own and introduce you to the many sides of Chile.  I learned a lot from long conversations with my home-stay dad about Chilean political ideologies and education policies." 

- Kelsey Chatlosh, American Studies, Anthropology, and Hispanic Languages & Literatures

Focus on Fall Abroad Community

The Focus on Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC) is for students who study abroad during a fall semester on any GW approved program and return to campus the following spring semester.