Health Insurance

Short-Term Abroad Program participants will be enrolled in insurance plans by the Office for Study Abroad for the duration of their GW program abroad. These plans, which are provided by GW’s partner GeoBlue, should be viewed as two complementary forms of insurance: 1) medical insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, and/or illnesses abroad; and 2) travel assistance coverage for emergency evacuation or repatriation services.

GeoBlue Worldwide Health Insurance

GeoBlue provides health insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, illnesses, and/or pre-existing conditions for GW students who are going abroad on GW business. While this coverage extends to any country outside of the United States, students participating in a GW Short-Term Abroad Program should be aware that in certain circumstances they may not be eligible for GeoBlue coverage, such as if they are traveling to study in their home country of citizenship.

Students participating in a Short-Term Abroad Program will be enrolled in GeoBlue coverage by the GW Office for Study Abroad. Once enrolled, students will receive an email from GeoBlue asking them to register on GeoBlue's website. This website will be a resource for:

1) printing out membership cards (which should be carried at all times while abroad);

2) searching for international doctors or hospitals;

3) viewing destination-specific health information; and

4) accessing instructions for various processes, including how to submit a claim for reimbursement.

Please note that, while there is a reimbursement process, many doctors and hospitals in GeoBlue's international network have direct billing arrangements with GeoBlue, meaning students are unlikely to have to pay out-of-pocket costs for treatment received from GeoBlue-affiliated healthcare providers abroad.

GeoBlue Worldwide Travel Assistance and Evacuation Services

In addition to international health insurance, GeoBlue provides medical and security assistance and advice for all students. Using their international network of resources, GeoBlue can assist students who may need help in an emergency situation abroad, whether they are in need of travel advice, medical evacuation, political or natural disaster evacuation, or repatriation services.

Please be sure to print out the GW/GeoBlue Emergency Contact Card, available through your GW Passport application, and carry it with you at all times while abroad. This card will help you get into contact with GW or GeoBlue if needed. A copy of this card can also be found here. If in doubt, or in need of any kind of advice or assistance while abroad, don’t hesitate to contact GeoBlue.

Students in Turkey

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Professor Mark Kennedy took a group of Political Management grad students to Turkey in Summer 2013 to study the political and economic climate in the region.