GW Summer & Home Country Transfer Credit Policy Clarified

Non-GW Summer

The Office for Study Abroad in partnership with the Deans of the undergraduate colleges have updated the language for summer credit transfer. This language applies to any enrollment outside of GW, whether on Non-GW Summer Study Abroad, Home Country Study or transfer credit from a US institution for summer courses.

If you are planning to take courses at any university outside GW, please remember the following:

1)   Your credit must come from a program approved by the Office for Study Abroad via the Non-GW Summer Abroad GW Passport application prior to departure

2)   You must have department pre-approval for a course to transfer back to GW via the GW CATS system

3)    You are only allowed to transfer a maximum of 9 credits from summer abroad programs cumultatively. If you have gone on any other summer programs outside of the U.S. (Non-GW Summer or Home Country Study) in the past, you may have already reached your maximum allotted transfer credits. Once you have reached the 9 total credits, you are not permitted to transfer any additional credits from any subsequent summer studies.   

4) This policy applies to summer study outside of GW as well as any other short-term study abroad outside of GW, such as Non-GW Winter Abroad

5)    This policy does not apply to our semester and year-long GW-approved Study Abroad Programs where students are required to maintain full-time status at GW each semester and take a minimum of 12 to maximum of 18 credits each semester

Please visit the Transferring Credit page to learn more about the process of bringing international credits back to GW. Please visit the Non-GW Summer page for specific information on the summer abroad transfer credit policy.