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GW England is a full immersion experience. Students take classes alongside British and international students in the English tradition of tutorials or seminars – regular, intensive, small group sessions that lead to lively debate. Students live in university housing, integrated with other host university students and have access to university facilities and extracurricular life.  

In addition, GW England on-site staff provides support and arranges cultural activities and excursions for students.  The GW England program balances the exploration of a new life experience in England with the familiarity of a GW community. 

The Office for Study Abroad nominates students to the host universities, which make final admissions decisions. The OSA will only nominate students to one university within GW England, and only to their first ranked university. Therefore, students applying to a university in GW England should apply to a backup outside of the program.  If nominated and accepted to a GW England university, students must attend the program. 


GW England Student Perspective: Sarah Ellie Gall

Sarah "Ellie" Gall
Fall 2013
Major: Biology