Focus on Fall Abroad Community


FOFAC is currently inactive. Check back later for more information on future application cycles.

Go abroad in a future fall semester through the Focus on Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC)! Only 10% of undergraduate students in the US study abroad. Domestic and international organizations value the soft skills, such as adaptability and intercultural competence, gained through a semester or more abroad when hiring future employees. Participating in FOFAC can help you hone these skills, both before and after your study abroad experience.

FOFAC Benefits


Early Registration

FOFAC participants enjoy privileged early registration for spring classes.


Exclusive Housing

Participants have access to exclusive housing opportunities  with other FOFAC students at 1959 E Street.


Early Move-In

Guaranteed early move-in for students living on campus in the spring semester.


Financial Aid

FOFAC students may be eligible to receive a tuition award and have special scholarship opportunities.

Apply to FOFAC

For more details on eligibility and the application process, see GW Passport.

Please come into Drop-In Advising or schedule a meeting with the FOFAC team to learn more about this program.  

GW student Jason Dempsey in South Africa.

Jason Dempsey

Arts & Sciences in Cape Town - CIEE

"I studied abroad during the fall semester in Cape Town, South Africa. Going abroad helped shape my GW experience by allowing me to take full advantage of international based events and opportunities, once returning to campus, through the Focus on Fall Abroad Community. My time in Cape Town encouraged me to pursue a career with an international focus, as I am now looking at global business roles in addition to abroad community service programs."

Financial Benefits

Focus On Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC) students are eligible to receive a tuition award for their study abroad semester.  Funding is either guaranteed or requires an additional scholarship application, available through the FOFAC application on GW Passport. Guaranteed funding and preferred provider scholarships are subject to change annually, check back for up-to-date details regarding subsequent Fall semesters.

Scholarships for the preferred providers are not guaranteed for all applicants and are based on merit and/or financial need. Students will have access to the FOFAC scholarship application on GW Passport once they are accepted into this program. Final decisions will be announced in May via email.

If you are a student interested in additional financial support, you are encouraged to review these resources:

  • $1,500 tuition award for ALL students participating in a GW Exchange Program or a GW Study Program
  • $1,000 scholarship for ALL students participating in an APA program
  • $1,000 scholarships for ALL students participating in a CET program
  • $1,000 scholarship for ALL participating in a CYA program
  • $1,000 scholarship for ALL students participating in a DIS program
  • $1,000 scholarship for PELL GRANT RECIPIENTS participating in an SIT program
  • ‚Äč$1,000 scholarships for students participating in an Arcadia program
  • $1,000 scholarships for students participating in a CIEE program
  • $1,000 scholarships for students participating in an SIT program

GW student Carmella Saia in front of the Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast.

Carmella Saia

GW Global Bachelor's Program, Belfast
Fall 2019

"Being a member of FOFAC has opened me up to so many opportunities and allowed me to have a unique study abroad experience! At first, I thought the only benefits were the early registration, tuition award, and housing guarantees. However, I soon realized that there is so much more to FOFAC than I originally thought. I have gotten to attend exciting cultural events, develop close relationships with other FOFAC members and the study abroad office, and, most importantly, my time studying abroad in the fall was unparalleled with how much I learned and experienced. FOFAC ensured that I would have an amazing and special experience both abroad and when returning to campus!"