Focus on Fall Abroad Community

Focus on Fall Abroad Community

Are you…

  • An academically motivated and high-achieving student?
  • A lover of different cultures?
  • Interested in studying abroad during a fall semester?

If so, check out Focus on Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC)! After spending a fall semester abroad, students in FOFAC have the opportunity to live in a community with other GW study abroad students and international exchange 

students. The cultural immersion and international exposure students had abroad will continue upon return to DC, with exclusive activities and programs including embassy visits, international dinners, career panels, film screenings, and plays.

Through participating in FOFAC, globally-minded students can connect with each other before, during, and after their fall semester abroad. Being part of the FOFAC community helps ease the reverse culture shock study abroad students may experience by providing opportunities to engage with the various cultures represented in DC, and by helping students determine how to fit their time abroad in their professional life.

In sum, these benefits are available to FOFAC members:

Please speak with your study abroad advisor and read our FOFAC FAQs to learn more about the program! 

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