Financial Benefits

What financial benefits could I receive for studying abroad during a fall semester and participating in FOFAC? 

Students participating in the FOFAC program are eligibile to receive a variety of tuition awards and scholarships for their study abroad semester. These include:

  • Guaranteed funding:
    • A guaranteed $1,500 tuition award for students participating in a GW Exchange Program or a GW Study Program
    • A guaranteed $1,000 in funding for students participating in an IFSA-Butler program which includes a $500 stipend upon arrival to their study abroad program
    • A guaranteed $1,000 scholarship for students participating in an SIT program who are Pell Grant recipients
    • guaranteed $1,000 scholarship for students participating in a DIS program 
    • A guaranteed $1,000 scholarship for students participating in an CYA program who are Pell Grant recipients
  • FOFAC students are also eligible to apply for the following exclusive provider program scholarships:
    • FOFAC-Arcadia $1,000 scholarships for students participating in an Arcadia program
    • FOFAC-CET $1,000 scholarships for students participating in a CET program
    • FOFAC-CIEE $1,000 scholarships for students participating in a CIEE program 
    • FOFAC-IES $1,000 scholarships for students participating in an IES program
    • FOFAC-SIT $1,000 scholarships for students participating in an SIT program

Our program provider scholarships are based on merit and/or financial need. Applications will be made available for all students once they are accepted into the FOFAC community in mid to late-February the Spring semester before they will study abroad.



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