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The program cost includes tuition, health insurance and travel insurance coverage, on-site support, and planned excursions and cultural activities. Students pay their GW Tuition and a Study Abroad Program Fee for each semester abroad. Housing costs may or may not be included in the tier fee costs. Please refer to program-specific information for details. Any additional costs are covered by the student.

If GW housing is available, students will pay housing costs directly to GW, with the exception of a security deposit. GW housing in Paris includes the cost of utilities and internet. Students in independent housing pay rent directly to a landlord, who usually requires a security deposit equal to one month’s rent.

Estimated Additional Expenses*

Airfare (round trip from DC) $800-1500 (depending on the season)
Textbooks $400 (varies depending on program)
Cell phone $50/month (disposable, pay-as-you-go phone)
Local Transportation $70/month
Meals $350/month
Visa $100 one-time fee**
Utilities (independent housing only) $70/month (depends on usage)

*Estimates of additional costs for a basic budget are listed below.  Actual spending may vary widely depending on a student’s lifestyle and location of campus (i.e. Paris is more expensive than other areas of France). Local transportation costs to get to and from class will vary depending on where a student lives in relation to the host university campus.

**Visa costs are subject to change; students will be given more information prior to departure.

All students will incur a one-time visa fee to study in France.  Visa costs are subject change without notice. Students will be given more information at pre-departure orientation.

Other costs outside of the basic budget students may want to consider include entertainment, gym membership, personal travel, and unforeseen expenses.