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Students studying on GW England programs pay GW tuition and a Study Abroad Tier Fee. These fees cover tuition health insurance and travel insurance coverage, on-site support, and planned excursions and activities. Housing costs may or may not be included in the tier fee costs. Please see each university’s Housing section for details. Any additional costs are covered by the student.

Estimates of additional costs for a basic budget are listed below.  Actual spending may vary widely, depending on a student’s lifestyle. Local transportation costs to get to and from class will vary depending on where a student lives in relation to the host university campus.  Students should expect a commute of up to 40-minutes each way.

Airfare (roundtrip from DC) $800 - $1600 (depending on the season)
Textbooks $400
Cell phone $40/month (disposable, pay-as-you go phone)
Local transportation $70/month
Meals $300/month
Visa $100-$500 (one time fee, varies by type)
Housing/Housing deposit Varies by program

Some students will incur a one-time visa fee to study in the UK.  Visa costs are subject to status and may change. Students will be given more information about visas at pre-departure orientation held in November and April of each year.

Other costs outside of the basic budget students may want to consider include entertainment, gym membership, personal travel, and unforeseen expenses.