Map of GW exchange programs in Europe.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

Established in 1898, the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) is one of the oldest business universities in Europe and the EU's largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. It enrolls nearly 27,000 students each year, about one quarter of whom are international students. WU is located in the Austrian capital of Vienna, a city cherished for its rich artwork, architecture, music, and food. Vienna also houses the headquarters of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Vienna University is the first and only Austrian university to receive the European Quality Improvement System, or EQUIS, accreditation . Its close ties to the corporate world and the resulting excellent job prospects, along with the wide range of programs available, makes this exchange a fantastic opportunity for GW School of Business and Economics students.

Prague, Czech Republic

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Charles University

Charles University was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in Central Europe. Located in the historic city of Prague, Charles University enrolls more than 42,000 students in 270 academic disciplines. GW students enroll in the East and Central European Studies (ECES) program offered through Charles University's Faculty of the Arts. ECES is an interdisciplinary program designed specifically for international undergraduate students, with courses taught in English. This program is particularly well-suited for students with an interest in East and Central Europe, Czech studies, history and culture.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen Business School

The Copenhagen Business School is one of the biggest business schools in Europe and is located in Fredericksburg, close to the heart of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is a comprehensive research institution with approximately 17,000 students, including 2,000 international students. GW exchange students may enroll in English-taught classes with Danish and other international students. The university maintains a Corporate Partnership Program to connect its academic and research efforts with both Danish and international companies. This truly dynamic and international campus is an ideal study abroad destination for GW School of Business students.

Exeter, England

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University of Exeter

Home to 18,000 students and located in a growing city, the University of Exeter attracts international students from over 100 countries. Exeter upholds a strong reputation for research and education, while simultaneously offering excellent student support and activities.

Grenoble, France

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Sciences Po - Grenoble

Founded in 1948, Institut d'études politiques de Grenoble, also known as  Sciences Po Grenoble is one of the 10 Institutes of Political Studies in France a part of the University of Grenoble Alpes. Located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Sciences Po Grenoble has 1800 students who study in 19 different degree programs. GW students can enroll in courses in Political Science, Economics, History, International Relations, and Sociology, with courses taught in English and French.

Leeds, England

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University of Leeds

Home to over 24,000 undergraduates, the University of Leeds is one of the most popular universities in the United Kingdom. With solid graduate research and an excellent undergraduate teaching reputation, Leeds attracts more than 4,000 international students from over 130 countries.

Frankfurt, Germany

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European Business School (EBS)

Founded in 1971, EBS is one of the top business schools in Germany. In 2010 it became a university of business and law . EBS is located approximately 45 minutes outside of Frankfurt and in the Rhine-Main area. The Rhine-Main area is one of Europe's economically strongest regions and boasts more than 32,000 companies, including 2,200 high-tech production plants, sales and services enterprises, and Frankfurt , home to the European Central Bank, is a financial powerhouse and. EBS is a significantly smaller school than GW, with about 1,200 students, 15 percent of whom are international. GW exchange students may enroll in English-taught business classes alongside German students. Its quality academics and strong connections with the European business world make the EBS exchange program an excellent choice for GW School of Business students.

Reykjavik, Iceland

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University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is a state university located in the heart of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. It is a progressive and rapidly developing institution with nearly 400 academic programs of study. A strong scientific institution, the University of Iceland is renowned for its research efforts and is an international leader in sustainable energy and environmental research. There are 13,000 students at the university, including some 400 international exchange students each academic year. Although the primary language of instruction is Icelandic, most faculties offer coursework in English for full-time international and exchange students.

Dublin, Ireland

University College Dublin

Established in 1854, University College Dublin is part of the National University of Ireland system and has been an integral part in the making of modern Ireland. UCD has produced many of the country’s political, cultural, and business leaders. Ranked in the top one per cent of higher education institutions worldwide, it enrolls over 31,000 students each year, about one-fifth of whom are international students. UCD is located in Dublin, a capital city known for its dedication to the preservation of history as well as the modernization of its economy. Dublin also houses the European headquarters of companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter.

Milan, Italy

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Bocconi University

Bocconi University, founded in 1902, was the first Italian university to grant a degree in Economics. For a century, Bocconi University has played a leading role in Italy's social and economic modernization. It has remained true to its founding values as a major research university, remaining committed to democratic practices and open to the world, as well as financially and politically independent.

At the outset of the 21st century, Bocconi is contributing to the advancement of European higher education by teaching business and economic knowledge to prospective managers and researchers from all over the world.

Bocconi is considered the leading university in Business and Economics in Italy, and its School of Management has consistently been ranked as a leader in the Financial Times MBA Rankings. Bocconi also belongs to two of the most prestigious international business networks, Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) and Partnership in International Management (PIM).

Maastricht, the Netherlands

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University College Maastricht (UCM)

The University College Maastricht is located in one of the most historic and beautiful towns in the Netherlands. A research university, it was established in 1976 and has a student population of about 14,500. GW students can take English-taught classes at UCM, the honors liberal arts college at Maastricht University. UCM is a small academic community, which allows for smaller class sizes and close connections between students and faculty.

The college caters to students with broad academic interests and those who do not want to limit themselves to a program focused on a single academic discipline. GW students can study for the full academic year or the spring semester only to receive full-credit. Those students who wish to apply for the fall will miss UCM's project period, due to differences in the academic calendar. GW students are permitted to study for the fall only, with the understanding that they will receive a maximum of 12.5 credits.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583, is an internationally renowned center for teaching and research. The university is woven deeply into the fabric of the city, with many of the iconic buildings in the historic Old Town belonging to the university. It was the fourth university to be established in Scotland and, having consistently ranked amongst the leading 25 universities in the world, is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. With over 28,000 students from over 130 countries at Edinburgh, GW students have the opportunity to interact with a diverse student body while there.

Pamplona, Spain

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University of Navarra

University of Navarra, founded in 1952 as a Catholic University in Pamplona, Spain, has a student population of 15,000, including some 9,000 undergraduates. About 15 per cent are international students from over 70 countries, who help create a richly diverse learning environment for GW students abroad.Students may take courses in over 40 major fields with well-regarded faculty, meet students from around the world, take part in on-campus activities, and travel throughout Spain with the assistance of the international office.

Zurich, Switzerland

University of Zurich

Established in 1833, The University of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland with over 26,000 students and more than 150 institutes. Approximately 17 per cent of its 26,000 students and almost 50 per cent of its professors are of foreign nationality. The Univeristy of Zurich prides itself as being one of the top research universities in Europe and has produced 12 Nobel Prize Laureates, including Albert Einstein. 

Istanbul, Turkey

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Bogaziçi University

Boğaziçi University is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey, with a mission of educating individuals who endorse their institutional values: respect for ethical standards, environmental consciousness, critical thinking ,versatility, and creativity. Boğaziçi strives to generate universal knowledge and contribute to critical thinking, science and technology, while serving humanity. Boğaziçi also aims to expand the scientific horizons in Turkey and contribute to the institutionalization of science, art and culture in modern society. The university’s vision places emphasis on achieving international excellence in education and research and becoming a “green”, sustainable university.

Koç University

In the eighteen years since its establishment, Koç University has become one of the leading universities in Turkey.  Koç's various faculties--Social Sciences and Humanities, Administrative Sciences and Economic, Science, Engineering, Law, Nursing and Medicine, promote stregths in understanding of the human sciences and foster interdisciplinary learning among students across all academic disciplines. university.

Cardiff, Wales

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Cardiff University

Cardiff University, one of the United Kingdom's most popular higher education institutions, is an internationally recognized center for teaching and research. It was founded in 1883 and is based in the center of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, one of the UK's most vibrant and dynamic cities. It is, however, also a friendly and safe city, compact and easy to walk around. 


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