Eligibility for Semester & Year Long Programs

Easter Island

Before applying for specific programs, students must first be approved by GW for study abroad. Study abroad is a serious undertaking, so GW sets minimum standards all students must meet before going abroad. Students who do not meet these requirements are not authorized by the University to study abroad, regardless of the minimum requirements for individual study abroad programs.

Semester or Academic Year Study Abroad Programs

To be considered for approval to engage in a Semester or Academic Year Study Abroad program, students must:

  • Be in Good Academic Standing (2.00) GW grade point average.
  • Be in good judicial and academic integrity standing at the time of application and remain in good standing prior to departure.
  • Complete a minimum of 45 credit hours prior to departure.
  • Have declared a major prior to departure.
  • Complete one full semester at GW prior to application (for Transfer Students only).

Students must also meet the admission requirements of any programs to which they apply. For example, programs often require a higher GPA, language study, or background in specific subject areas. Students should ensure they meet all GW and program eligibility requirements before starting an application.

Summer and Short-term Study Abroad Programs

Eligibility requirements for Summer and Short-term Study Abroad Programs may vary.  View individual program information to learn more.