GW Madrid Map

Associated with the Age of Exploration and the Golden Age of literature, Spain is a country where diverse people converged and flourished, creating a unique and rich cultural mosaic. Its capitol, Madrid, located in the central autonomous province of Madrid, is one of the most vibrant cities of Europe. Madrid is known for its historical monuments, museums, theaters and parks. It is the site of international gatherings and conferences as well as major art, music and sports events. 

Madrid's citizens are spirited, friendly and relaxed. Participants are encouraged to discover the wide variety of entertainment and cultural possibilities such as attending Sunday morning concerts at the Auditorio Nacional de Musica, walking through the Rastro market on Sundays, going to outdoor concerts with performances by local folk singers in the main plaza, viewing the remarkable collection of paintings at the famous Prado museum, or just enjoying the lively, social scene in Madrid’s central park, Parque Retiro. 

"I love the Las Letras area, where famous Spanish authors wrote some of their most prolific works. Getting a café con leche with a friend at one of the cafés in that area is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon." 

- Rachel Johnson, Psychology 

 "Parque Retiro is basically a much larger and cooler version of Central Park. Whenever I feel homesick at all, I go there for a few hours with my favorite book and my ipod. It's the best remedy that I have found."  

- Sofia Skarlatos, History