Choosing Courses

Professor lecturing to students.

When planning for their upcoming semester or academic year at GW, prospective students are encouraged to review the course offerings on various GW websites prior to the registration period.

The University Bulletin provides brief course descriptions for all course offerings available at the undergraduate level. Undergraduate courses are numbered 0000 to 4999. The Bulletin is comparable to a course catalog at other universities. The University Bulletin may indicate the instructor of the course and when the course will be offered, however, only the Schedule of Classes indicates the exact timetable for a particular course.

The Schedule of Classes establishes the exact timetable for the courses being offered during a particular semester. The Schedule of Classes indicates how often the class meets, how many credits the course is worth, where the course meets, and who the course instructor is. Students should consult both the University Bulletin and the Schedule of Classes when preparing their class schedule.