Students Studying in their Home Country

International students wishing to either take courses in their home country during the summer or a semester must register their interest with the Office for Study Abroad and complete a registration process before they go abroad. Please note that students studying in their home country are subject to the same credit transfer limits as any student studying in the summer.

Please see the credit transfer page for specifics. You should speak with your school’s advisors for specifics on the credit transfer process.

Petitioned Programs

Students interested in attending a program not on GW's list of approved study abroad programs may petition that program if they have a strong and clear argument about the unique academic reasons that the petitioned program meets their individual priorities.

Approved Program Options

GW Students in the Swiss Alps

The Office for Study Abroad maintains a list of approved study abroad programs for GW undergraduate students studying abroad for a semester or academic year. Over 200 programs in more than 50 countries are available for GW students. The list was compiled through faculty and professional staff review and is updated periodically.

Approved study abroad programs include GW’s four Study Programs in Chile, England, Madrid, and Paris; more than 30 GW Undergraduate Exchange Partners; and hundreds of Provider Programs administered by study abroad organizations such as Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies, CIEE, IES, SIT, and the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University, among others.

The best way to view approved programs and search for programs that fit students' academic, cultural and personal interests is using GW Passport's Advanced Search feature. Below you can find a tutorial on how to conduct searches with this feature. 

Search Programs

Search Programs