Empanadas and Mountains

The first step in any application process is research. Students should research program options and think about their goals for study abroad:  do they want to improve their language skills, take courses with local students, conduct independent research abroad, or explore a new region of interest?

Students also should consider their academic plan and what types of courses they need to take while abroad in order to stay on track for graduation at GW. Most programs do not offer courses in every subject matter available at GW, so students must understand the academic offerings of programs in their selected regions, their own academic progress, and any restrictions based on their major. A preliminary meeting with an academic advisor can help students answer these questions and guide their program search.  Students can review the application checklist for step-by-step guidance on the study abroad application process.

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Students should also meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss program options and receive assistance in narrowing down their programs choices to two appropriate programs to which they will apply.