Application Requirements

Requirements to apply for the Global Bachelors Program include :

  • A Personal Statement
  • GW Transcripts
  • Meeting with your academic advisor
  • Resume (GWSB Only)

Individual School Eligibility

Elliott School | Columbian College | GW School of Business 

Students in all Elliott School undergraduate degree programs will be eligible to apply for the Global Bachelor’s program.  Elliott School students will begin their global studies at Fudan University in Shanghai China and then study in two additional study abroad locations (chosen from a specified list of GW approved programs and partners), or one study abroad semester and a foreign summer internship during their junior and/or senior years. Study abroad locations will be based upon where the student is able to study his/her concentration and complete the six semesters of a foreign language.  Students will be required to complete a plan of study prior to the first semester abroad, which must be approved by the student’s academic advisor and study abroad.  Any changes to the plan of study will need to be approved by the student’s academic advisor.
Elliott School students in their last semester will complete one of the following: a thesis based on their study abroad experience, a presentation of their scholarship/experiences in an Elliott School forum, and/or a presentation at “GW Research Day.”
The Global Bachelor’s program is open to CCAS students in the following selected majors:
  • Anthropology
  • Chinese
  • Economics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science

After the semester in China, the additional study abroad semesters must be chosen from a list of pre-eminent international universities that include Sciences Po in France, the London School of Economics in U.K., the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and the National University of Singapore.  The study abroad location must be appropriate to the student’s major as determined in consultation with the student’s advisors. 

CCAS students in the Global Bachelor’s program must study foreign language courses for at least two semesters.  It is suggested that students do even more foreign language study, at least to achieve second-year proficiency in one foreign language.

Finally, CCAS students will complete one of the following capstone requirments: 1) A capstone or proseminar required for their major on a topic related to their global experiences; or 2) Presentation of their research/scholarship related to their global experiences in a CCAS forum or on GW Research Day.

Participation Requirements - GWSB

Students in all GWSB undergraduate degree programs will be eligible to apply for the Global Bachelor’s Program. However, the program is  designed specifically for BBA students.

Students are recommended to take academic coursework to advance their knowledge of the local language in each country of study.  BBA student completion of the GW Global Bachelor Program will substitute for the minor requirement outside of the business school. Program participants will be expected to share their experiences with the GWSB community by assisting in the marketing and promotion of the program upon reentry to the United States.

GWSB students are eligible to apply to the signature program in Paris and must receive guidance to select second and third semester study abroad programs appropriate for their concentrations and areas of geographic interest.  GWSB Global Bachelor students must seek separate admission for all study abroad programs, including the GWSB signature program.