Application Process

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Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity and unique learning experience, beginning  when students begin to research their study abroad options and lasting well beyond their return to campus.. We encourage students to take an active role in this process so that they are well-informed in their decisions and can start to build an understanding of their program and the country they will be living and studying in for the short or longer term.

Most study abroad applications are due the semester before a student wishes to go abroad. There are a few exceptions to this rule, namely programs at Oxford and Cambridge, where these applications are due a full year in advance. Deadlines are binding and vary greatly by program. Generally, applications for spring study abroad are due from mid-September to the end of October; fall and academic year study abroad applications are due from mid-January to early-April

How to Apply:

There are two steps to the application process:  students must apply for approval to study abroad through GW, and then apply to the specific program they choose.

All students must meet GW’s eligibility requirements for study abroad. Students may register their desire to study abroad and apply for GW approval by starting an application for each program they are applying for on GW Passport.

Once students have started an application for GW approval to study abroad, they should begin program applications on the providers’ websites. Students applying to GW Study Programs or GW Exchanges must complete all of their application requirements in GW Passport. Students applying for provider programs should visit the provider’s website to begin an application for the program.

If you are studying away from GW in a program that does not qualify as GW Study Abroad, or are unsure whether your program qualifies, please click here. Students do not use Passport for Study Away programs.

What’s in an application?

Most study abroad applications can be completed largely online. The first step in any application is starting an online application with the provider and filling out all basic information. In addition to the online requirements, programs require some materials to be submitted in hard copy. All programs ask for official GW transcripts and passport information.  Some programs also require letters of recommendation from GW professors, passport photos, and personal statements.  Students must check the provider’s website for a full list of required materials.