Application Checklist

Generally, students who wish to study abroad should begin to prepare  as early as their first year at GW, starting with the first four items on the personal checklist below.  The remaining items should be completed the semester before the study abroad semester or year.

While the application process can sometimes feel overwhelming, the life skills students learn during this phase can lead to opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth during the study abroad experience. GW's pre-departure procedures help students exercise the independent problem-solving skills they'll need while overseas and ensure their inclusion in designing the most enriching study abroad experience possible.

  1. Think about your study abroad goals. Here are some samples:
    • Improve language skills
    • Be fully integrated at a local university
    • Complete coursework for my major
    • Conduct independent research
    • Live with a homestay family
    • Have an internship abroad
    • Learn more about a new culture
  2. Research programs based on your goals
    • Meet with a study abroad advisor to help identify the best fit
  3. Determine what types of courses you need to take abroad
    • Look at your DegreeMap and/or meet with your academic advisor to assess your academic progress and determine the types of courses you should take
    • Look for programs that match any requirements
  4. Select two programs to which you'd like to apply
    • The OSA recommends you apply to two programs per term. If you meet the admissions requirements, submit all materials on time, and ensure the program has space, you have a high chance of being accepted to your first choice.
  5. If you are applying for a fall semester and would like to be a part of the Focus on Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC), apply to join in GW Passport.  Applications are available November 1 - February 1 each year.
  6. Apply for GW approval to study abroad
    • Students must meet GW’s eligibility requirements for study abroad. To verify your eligibility, you must start an application for each program you will apply to on GW Passport.
  7. Apply
    • Students applying to GW Study Programs or GW Exchange Programs must complete all of their application requirements on GW Passport. Students applying for provider programs should visit the provider’s website to begin an application for the program.
    • Students are bound by specific program deadlines and not by a central GW deadline. Please check your programs' websites for deadlines.
  8. Submit all hardcopy application materials to the program directly.
    • Students applying for GW Study Programs or GW Exchanges must submit all hardcopy materials to the GW Office for Study Abroad on the 5th floor of the Marvin Center. Students applying to provider programs mail all hardcopy materials to the provider directly.
    • Required hardcopy materials may include: GW official transcripts, letters of recommendation from GW professors, passport photos, and personal statements. See our FAQs for more information.
  9. Once you are accepted to a program, pay the enrollment deposit, if applicable, to the program provider
  10. Attend GW Pre-departure Orientation.
    • All GW students studying abroad must attend the Pre-departure Orientation session, held in mid-November for spring study abroad students and mid-April for fall and academic year study abroad students.
  11. Obtain Course Approvals if possible.
  12. Apply for a visa, if applicable.
  13. Go abroad!