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“I would definitely recommend GW Paris to prospective students! Academically, doing a direct exchange at Sciences Po is an enriching experience that will expose you to a European perspective on many topics in political science and international affairs.  Sciences Po is very prestigious, so although the workload can be challenging at times, you will benefit from your classes and have an excellent and impressive experience to add to your resume.”

Anna Hirt
Sciences Po, Paris, France, Academic Year 2012-13
Major at GW: International Affairs


“This program is hard and this program is not for those students that want to roam around Paris and spend their days eating at cafés. This program is for the student that wants to challenge themselves at one of the premier European universities, and the best French university for the political and social sciences. This is a way to live the life of a Parisian, not the life of a tourist abroad for 5 months. I would absolutely recommend this program to future students, but only to students that understand and seek to embrace the work and challenges of studying at Sciences Po.”

Michael DiBattista
Sciences Po, Paris, France, Spring 2013
Major at GW: Political Science & Minors at GW: Sociology and Emergency Health Services


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