Alumni Profiles

GW Madrid


Tyler Parue Retiro"DO IT! You already know that courses automatically transfer and GW provides amazing staff, support, and cultural/educational trips and events. But on top of that, the homestay aspect is the BEST way to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture (or any culture for that matter). I learned so much more about Spain from my host-family than I could have dreamed and I became much more "Spanish" than my friends in other non-GW programs in other cities who did not participate in a homestay. Madrid itself is an amazing, vibrant, beautiful and livable city with so much to offer - believe it or not, I was sad to be leaving Madrid when I traveled to other countries some weekends. The Madrid culture is so interesting and enriching that you will never be bored. It is real Spain, yet also is a powerful world city with everything a metropolitan area has to offer as well."

"It completely enriched my GW experience because I was able to take automatically transferrable classes for my major and minor, and all of my friends from GW Madrid will be back at GW to embrace reverse-culture shock with me."

" How am I supposed to choose a favorite aspect of this program?!?  The homestay was unbelievable, helpful and fun, the staff and professors were knowledgeable and caring, the planned trips and events were a blast, and the city is now my true second home!"

Tyler Losey

GW Madrid, Fall 2012

Major at GW: Political Science and Spanish/ Latin American Languages, Literatures, and Cultures



Asthaa GW Madrid"Coming to study in Madrid is one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I would not trade it for anything. I improved my Spanish a great deal and made friendships that will last me a lifetime!" 

"I learned about topics I had been studying in Spanish class in an in-depth manner and got to see history made in a capitol across the ocean. As someone studying international affairs, it was invaluable to learn from people facing challenges due to the Spanish economic crisis and see how everything from the arts to education to healthcare was changing. We were also exposed to the best of Spanish arts and culture through our program directors and professors."

" My favorite aspect of the program was my home stay experience. I lived with a lovely, open-minded family who showed me interesting aspects about Madrid and were willing to explain everything - from popular music to politics. I also appreciate the fact that we were given enough free time to travel, make lasting relationships, and learn things at our own pace and to our own interest during our semester abroad. The professors and our program directors were a great support system and went the extra mile for us. If we wanted to experience something different - we just had to ask!" 

Asthaa Chaturvedi

GW Madrid, Fall 2012

Major at GW: International Affairs