Al Akhawayn University Summer Program

GW Exchanges in Middle East and North Africa


The principal strength of the Arabic and North African Studies (ARANAS) program is that Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) is a Moroccan public university and as such offers the only Arabic language program in an Arab country where international students are fully integrated into the social, academic and cultural life on campus equally with 600 Moroccan students attending the regular summer session of AUI.

It is the policy of AUI that international students must be placed with a Moroccan roommate. This has worked very well in the last 14 years as AUI has a number of exchange and study abroad agreements and hosts 70-80 international students each regular fall and spring semester. Language acquisition is enhanced through authentic language use and daily practice with Moroccan peers, but more importantly, international students begin to understand the wide diversity of opinion on a range of topics and gain insight into the issues that concern university-age Moroccans.


Students can elect to take four to eight weeks of only Arabic coursework or four to eight weeks of Arabic and North African Studies coursework. Students can enroll in Beginning through Advanced levels of Arabic, in addition to journalistic or colloquial Arabic. For Summer 2013, AUI is offering the following courses in North African Studies:

  • History of the Arab World
  • Islamic Art and Architecture
  • Introduction to Arabic Literature
  • Issues in Contemporary North Africa
  • Special Topics in Communication: Digital Media and Political Mobilization in the Arab World
  • Special Topics in Gender Studies

For more details on their course offerings, visit the AIU Summer program website.


The AUI Summer program offers cultural and academic activities, some of which are required parts of the program. 


Students participating on the program through the GW Exchange Tuition Waiver are responsible for the following costs:

  • ARANAS Program Fee*

*The Program Fee includes airport pickup, scheduled class day travel expenses, 2 long weekend trips, meals, textbooks and accompanying DVDs, teaching assistants, special lectures, club materials and activities.   

  • Transportation not included in the Program Fee
  • Airfare

Students who are not selected to participate in the GW Exchange may still apply to the Al-Akhawayn Arabic and North African Studies Summer Program but the student will then be responsible for all costs associated with the program. 


Range from June 1 to July 29, 2016.

Application Deadline:

March 15th

Admission to this program is competitive.  All applications will be reviewed after the application deadline.

Students who are not accepted into or do not wish to apply for the GW Exchange Tuition Waiver program to Al-Akhawayn University Arabic and North African Summer Studies Program may apply to the Al-Akhawayn Arabic and North African Studies Summer Program directly, on their own.  Students choosing to participate in the program on their own will apply for study abroad approval here.

How to Apply for a GW Exchange Program

Students can begin a GW Exchange program application at anytime by searching for their program of choice on GW Passport. Students must meet with their study abroad advisor prior to the GW Exchange program deadline for their applications to be considered.  Please refer to our Advising Services page to find the appropriate study abroad advisor for your school.