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Al Akhawayn University

Middle East and North Africa Exchanges

About Al Akhawayn University

Al Akhawayn University (AUI), located in Ifrane,  is committed to academic excellence. It has a growing  reputation for the quality of both its academic programs and its graduates. With its commitment to internationalization on campus,  Al Akhawayn aspires to have international students make up 25-30% of its student body.

Learning at AUI

Al Akhawayn University provides comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs that will ensure you get the most from your study abroad experience. At Al Akhawayn you will encounter one of the richest academic and cultural experiences in Africa in a safe and pristine setting. Knowledge of Arabic and or French is not required.The language of instruction is English for all coursework except language courses.

Students can choose  courses in the following areas:

  • Human Resources Development
  • International Studies and Diplomacy
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication Studies
  • Applied Humanities
  • North African Studies
  • Arabic Language

Life at AUI

Al Akhawayn University is the only residential university in Morocco and provides a secure living environment. The university is built on 40 hectares of land in a cedar forest. The entire campus is fenced, with access controlled by campus security.  The library is the largest open stack collection in Morocco and has been supplemented with a variety of online subscriptions. There are three restaurants, a coffee shop, and store all centrally located on campus. A variety of student activities and clubs provides avenues for relaxation and personal development.

International students are fully integrated members of the Al Akhawayn community. Make the team and you might travel with the football (soccer) club to a tournament in Dubai. You might want to ride with the equestrian club in Marrakech. Join Hand in Hand, and you can help provide school supplies and clothing to needy families in the Atlas region. Join the explorers club to investigate the souks and Ksars of Morocco. Whether you want to give back to the community through volunteer work or explore the rich Moroccan culture, you can do it here.

The Al Akhawayn Office of International Programs provides full support and services to international visitors, including accommodation, meal plans, airport reception, and an informative and in-depth orientation. The dedicated OIP staff and orientation leaders are committed to providing continuous support.


Al Akhawayn University provides on campus housing with easy access to classrooms, study groups, library, and campus activities.  AUI Housing Services encourages friendship among students and develops a sense of community within the university,  providing many services that students need on campus and opportunities for students to know and understand one another through various indoor activities.

Please note housing is not included in the GW Study Abroad Fee. Students pay Al Akhawayn University directly for the housing costs.

Academic Calendar

Fall semester:                                   September to December
Spring semester:                              January to May
Academic Year:                                September to May

Al Akhawayn University Summer Program

The principal strength of the summer Arabic and North African Studies (ARANAS) program is that Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) is a Moroccan public university and as such offers the only Arabic language program in an Arab country where international students are fully integrated into the social, academic and cultural life on campus equally with 600 Moroccan students attending the regular summer session of AUI.