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The Semester Abroad Program at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge is a rigorous program that holds students to the same high standards as regular undergraduates. Students are matriculated into the Cambridge supervision system, in which they attend lectures and seminars comprised of about 25 students. Additionally, students typically attend a one hour weekly supervision session with an expert in the subject they are studying. These sessions generally require weekly essays based upon reading lists and other relevant material. Students are assessed based on performance in exams and other coursework.

Library at CambridgeMost Cambridge degrees have two sections, Part I and Part II, and students can generally choose courses from both Parts. Students are expected to take courses in the subject area of their major and should expect in-depth study in this area while enrolled.  Study at Cambridge should not be used as a means to fulfill general academic requirements.

Semester students do not take the regular university exams known as Tripos exams; instead they take College exams designed to reflect what they have studied during their two terms. The assessment for grading purposes is made on the basis of these exams and on coursework.