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The Fall Business program consists of five courses—three core business courses taught by GW School of Business (GWSB) faculty and two elective courses taught by Sciences Po faculty. Students receive GW grades and credit for all courses in the program.  The three core business courses are taught as intensive courses meeting Monday through Thursday during successive three-week periods; Fridays are reserved for corporate site visits. Elective courses are offered in partnership with Sciences Po and meet two afternoons per week for the duration of the semester.  The elective courses offered by Sciences Po are subject to change, but past courses have included European Economics, French Culture, Politics and Society, and French language classes. Prerequisites for the program are: ACCY 2001; ECON 1012 or HONR 2044; MATH 1221 or MATH 1231 or MATH 1252; and STAT 1051, STAT 1053, or STAT 1111.

Courses taught by GW faculty:

BADM 3401 Basic Marketing Management (3 credits):  This course explores consumer and organizational buying behavior. Course content includes strategic marketing processes, market research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and relationship-building. Attention is given to planning and decision-making for product development and brand management, valuation and pricing, channel and logistics management, integrated marketing communications, and e-commerce. 

BADM 3103 Human Capital Management (3 credits): An introduction and integration of concepts drawn from human resource management and organizational behavior. Application of these concepts to individual, group/team, and organizational scenarios through experiential exercises, cases, and projects. Development of skills in analyzing and evaluating human capital problems and determining appropriate solutions. 

BADM 3501 Financial Management and Markets (3 credits): This course serves as an introduction to financial markets, investment analysis, and financial management. Course content includes financial analysis, risk management, working capital management, capital budgeting, financial structure of capital, and dividend policy.  

Courses taught by Sciences Po faculty (students will choose two):

IAFF 3190/ECON 3099 European Economies and Crisis of Integration  (3 credits): The course provides the central theoretical and empirical issues raised by the process of European integration and its current financial crisis. The aim of the course is to give students familiarity with a broad range of European history and policy issues in the light of European construction. The course is about economic reasoning on exemplary cases: the food market crash and the Common Agricultural Policy, increase in outside indirect protectionism and the Single Market, housing and financial assets bubbles and the European Central Bank, debt crisis and the Growth and Stability Pact, the PIGS crisis (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain) and the euro zone breakdown, the new Axis (Helsinki, Berlin and Vienna) and the future of a second euro zone.  It examines the causes and consequences of the current European financial crisis and in particular the legal structural reasons for poor economic perspectives in the euro zone. The course is interactive with classic lectures, students’ presentations and discussions.

SOC 2181 French Politics, Culture and Society (3 credits): This elective is dedicated to the presentation, discussion and analysis of key aspects of contemporary French politics, culture and society. It is interdisciplinary by essence and mingles political science, cultural and intellectual history as well as sociology. Its main objective is to enable students unfamiliar with the French civilization to have an introduction on the way the French think of themselves and the world, as well as how French society function. It also wishes to impart students with a sense of the cultural modernity of France, as well as the specificities of its political system. Is France multicultural without knowing it? Is French culture declining? Is France resisting the international crisis better than other countries? How did François Hollande become President of France? These are some issues, among many others, that this elective will tackle.

FREN 1001 French I (3 credits): Handling the immediate context of daily experience in spoken and written French: identifying, describing, and characterizing people, objects, places, and events; giving information and instructions; issuing simple commands and requests. 

FREN 1099 French II (3 credits): Speaking and writing in French about past and future events: telling a story (narrating and describing in the past), promising, predicting, and proposing simple hypotheses and conjectures. Prerequisite: Fren 1001 or equivalent

Corporate Site Visits

An integral component of the GW Paris Fall Business program is the corporate site visit.  Each week students have the unique opportunity to meet on-site with American and French industry leaders to learn about different aspects of managing multinational companies.  These visits are scheduled in conjunction with the topics of the GWSB courses--marketing, human resources and financial management.  In past programs, students have visited Living Social, Disneyland Paris, Pfizer, L’Oreal, and the Ministry of Finance.  Guest speakers have included representatives from Moët & Chandon, Credit Lyonnais Venture Capital, and the Publicis agency.

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GW Paris Fall Business Student Perspective: Azim Damani

Azim Damani
Fall 2013
Major: International Business