The Global Bachelors Belfast program is based at Queen’s University Belfast, is the top rated university in Northern Ireland and in the top 30 UK universities. It is recognized internationally, ranking among the top 200 universities in the world. The university campus is located in the heart of Belfast with the city on the doorstep of the campus.


QUB Quad in the summer

Global Bachelor’s Courses

All students on the Global Bachelor’s Belfast program will take the program core course PSTD 3191 – The Northern Ireland Conflict and Paths to Peace taught by faculty of QUB. In addition to this course, Global Bachelor’s students will choose 2 additional courses from the hundreds of course offerings at QUB. The total course load for the semester will be 15 GW credits.

Students will receive a GW letter grade for PSTD 3191. This course will factor into students' GW GPAs. Other courses taught by QUB will return to GW as transfer credit as long as students receive a passing grade of C or above.

During the on-site orientation in Belfast, students receive detailed information about the local academic culture, course registration instructions, and tips for academic success.